Top 25 Favourite Films

I'm sick... And I haven't blogged in a long time. So I thought I'd pass some time by making a brand new Top 25 Favourite Films list.

Those who know me know this is a diffcult task, I'd rather make a top 200 and not leave any films I love... this was actually gut-wrenching.

I had some rules; I couldn't look at previous lists, I couldn't include a triology or series as one slot (single films only). 


I didn't even notice, to be honest. I watched as the name were read and did what many of us do; "Oh, so-and-so wasn't nominated. That's a surprise." or "Wow! I didn't expect them to get a nomination." I was hoping to see Michael Keaton get a nomination, which he did, and see Book of Life get an animation nomination, which it didn't. It wasn't until the hours that followed that I was made aware of the issue. No actors of colour were nominated in any of the acting categories.

Rape Culture and Ferguson

There's a story that came out back on January 11 off of the campus of the University of North Dakota. The article begins this way;

"Nearly one in three college men admit they might rape a woman if they knew no one would find out and they wouldn’t face any consequences, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of North Dakota.

Clip of the Day: The Great Debaters "The Time for Justice"

Rebel: A Poem

This fall at theDam | Meadwovale we started a writing group at the request of the youth. We were happy to oblige and facilitate the opportunity to tap into creativity (and all the positive stuff that goes along with that... and there is plenty).

The True Rebel Prayer

It can be a good thing to have a creed of some kind. Some mantra or words to calm you and help you find your centre. Like the Serenity Prayer at AA meetings, I need something like this. There are times when I get off-balance. I start to get overly cynical or jaded, angry and judgemental. Sometimes you feel like you are trying to put good out into the world and all you get back is a big F.U. I must admit that I am not perfect, and despite my philosophy to respond in a loving way, at moments I just want to scream F.U.

Robin Williams - In Memoriam


"You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." - Robin Williams

I'm having difficulty focusing this morning. The news of Robin Williams' passing has me reeling. This is a bit humbling for me since I usually don't understand why people take the loss of a celeb so hard and so personally. I'll try to dampen that judgement in the future, because for some reason this feels personal.

This Boy Totally Derails Our Ideas of 'Discipline'

I remember seeing 'boot camp' episodes of daytime talk shows back in the day. I always hated them. But I love this 38 seconds, even if it makes my eyes fill with tears...

A Message To Grade 8 Grads

A Convesation with Leo Mintek

My friend, Leo Mintek, guitarist from the band Outernational was kind enough to do an interview with me about the connection between music and social activism. I thought what better day that an election day to post something political.

I won't write much because Leo does a much better job than I could. I just want us to open our hearts and minds up to POSSIBILITY. Can we allow ourselves to HOPE than something better is possible.

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