Tell Your Story

I hear so many sad stories.

Stories of abuse. Stories of heartbreaking loss. Stories of people who have, in one way or another, experienced hurt.

Sometimes I think that is what eventually connects us all; our pain.

However, in the telling, each sad story becomes a story of possibility.

When I share my pain I am declaring, "I will not believe the lie that I am alone."

When I connect to someone else in the places of brokenness it opens up a door that dares to believe that there might be a way forward from this. A better future that lies in store. Wholeness instead of brokenness.

I hear so many stories of people who are finding a way to move forward despite their pain.

This is what sharing ourselves does; it acknowledges that things haven't always been perfect or easy, that they are not perfect or easy now, but there is a future, together, where healing is possible.

We were never meant to make it alone. Community, sharing our stories with one another, means figuring out how somehow we might be able to make it together.

When someone shares their story honestly, ugly bits included, I feel like I've been invited into a sacred space.  It is the place where the deepest connections are made, the place of vulnerability that strikes me with the sober reality that I am being entrusted with something so precious.

Healing community allows for vulnerability by treating the gift of trust with the weight it deserves.

Strong friendships are the ones where we can share our weakness.

Weak friendships are the ones where we have to always be strong.

It takes enormous strength to be weak.

Sometimes we believe the lies that keep us from sharing our story.

The lies say, "It makes you weak to share pain and to be vulnerable".

The lies say, "Too be strong means to bury the hurt."

It is fear that keeps us from trusting; that holds us captive in the quiet corners where we have buried our pain.

But something else is urging us to, even with a whisper, begin to expose those lies that we have believed about ourselves and others because of the hurt, pain and loss that has wounded and scarred us.

I hear so many courageous stories.

It takes incredible strength to expose what we have hidden for so long, to speak out what we thought needed to be kept in the secret depths.

It takes amazing strength to share our stories knowing that to journey towards a new place of healing might mean facing the pain we've choked down into our bellies rather than daring to let it surface.

It takes courage to tell our story.

It takes courage to dare to be honest.

It takes courage to move towards forgiving the hurt that has been done to us.

It takes courage to move towards asking for forgiveness for the hurt that we have caused.

It takes courage to forgive ourselves.

It takes courage to trust love, instead of trusting our fear.

I hear so many stories about hope for the future.

I have been hurt, but that doesn't mean I'm destined to hurt others.

There is so much pain, but we can create places of healing.

I am not my past.

I am not the things I have done.

I am not the things that have been done to me.

I can tell my story.

We can write a new future together.        

I hear so many sad stories. They are the same stories that are crying out to believe there is a way forward. They are stories of courage. They are stories of hope. They are the same stories that inspire us to believe that healing is possible

I hear so many stories of inspiration.

You got to believe in

You got to believe in yourself and live out that belief

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