To This Day Project

This video by Shane Koyczan is not new but I just saw it for the first time due to a Facebook link. Give it a watch.

This powerful video fits so perfectly with the dream that I love to share with the middle school youth that I get to speak with...

What if instead of the names that DO hurt us, like retard, loser, freak, reject (the list goes on and on) we instead were met in our schools and hallways with words that build us up instead of tear us down?

What if we encouraged one another? What if we spoke to one another with kindness?

It starts with each one of us. The choice that to EVERYBODY, ALL THE TIME, we will speak words of love, dignity and respect. We will honour one another and celebrate the BEAUTY that is in EACH PERSON!

A student from one of my recent talks gave me a great opportunity when he said, "What if someone IS ugly?"... I cut him off lovingly so that I could say, "There is no ugly. There is only beauty that you have not recognized yet."

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