Zach Sobiech : A True Rebel

True Rebels, people who are commited to Love, Dignity and Respect to all people, are all over the place! Unfortunately it often takes a heartbreaking story like that of Zach Sobiech to make us stop and actually pay attention!

Zach was a true rebel before he ever found out about his illness. He saw the best in people and just wanted to fill his life and others with joy and life!! Watch below to get the full story behind an incredible teenager who faced death head on and didn't let it stop him from living!

(It's 22 minutes... but MAKE TIME! ... and grab a box of tissues)

These are a couple of my favourite lessons from Zach (paraphrased from memory).

1. You can sit in your basement and wait or you can get out there! (and do some crazy stuff)

This is true for all of us. Don't wait for change to come. Don't wait for life to grab you. Go out there and BE THE CHANGE! Go out there and GRAB LIFE!!

2. Zach told us that it is really simple, just try and make people happy!

Zach believed that if people learned this lesson it would make all the difference! This is what makes Zach such a true rebel! In the face of tragic circumstance, he didn't allow it to be a reason for selfishness or self pity; he just wanted to leave a positive impact on thei life of others.


I have to add and end though by saying that I don't believe Zach was remarkably and radically unique in this. I truly think that almost every 17 year old out there (and each teen) has this capacity within them. I would even say that most of you even WANT to live in a way that makes the lives of the people around you better! I hope Zach can inspire you to have the courage to do it!



If you haven't had enough yet I'm including the celebrity video below. (also worth a watch)


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