Goo Goo Dolls - Rebel Beat

I feel like I need to share this song for the title alone.

A fun song for sure and I almost love it. Only almost because, like so many songs, too much of a romantic spin is put on this song. A couple lines that kind of screw it up.

A song like this needs to break those barriers. You know someone who is feeling hurt and broken and needs time to heal? Someone who needs to find the beauty in a community where there is freedom to find their own voice and 'let go' so that they can DANCE? I feel like that is ALL OF US! I want to be able to give that space and freedom to everyone I meet and not have it get muddied by distorting it with 'romantic love'. This is about REAL LOVE! Community together finding the passion to dance! Real dance, where you get to let go without the fear of judgement. Finding the rythm and beat of life together but everyone gets to be themselves at the same time. "ALIVE IS ALL I WANT TO FEEL!" That will resinate with most of us. But too many have chased that path to 'romance' (as well as many other places) and that just won't cut it, not in the long term. We will only find this life in a love that extends way beyond one person to one person, no romantic agendaa, just LOVE! And maybe, just maybe, that is the message wrapped up in this song... I hope so.

Anyway, enough rambling, I just put this here for you to enjoy!

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