Link of the Week : TIME Magazine Covers

The Link of the Week comes from Truth Theory ( It is a comparison of the cover of TIME magazine internationally vs. North America. Here is the LINK.

Here are a few examples;

Truth Theory ask the question, "Do these moments of marketing (through a choice in covers) reveal more about Americans, or about the state of American journalism?"

It would appear to me that while the cover of TIME seems to focus externally in the international version, the focus is very internal in North America. The contrast alone seems to suggest that North American journalism has a tendency to say, "Don't look outside! Everything you need to worry about is right here; marriage, family, personal issues and problems..." It seems to reflect perfectly the reality in North America where frankly we couldn't give a flying "hey-howdy-hey" about the state of affairs around the world as long as we can pay the bills and catch the latest episode of Hoarders.

"Our standard of living and greed is causing poverty, oppression and slavery around the world?"

"There are other ways of thinking about things than ours?"

"Nevermind all that... pass me TIME magazine, I want to read about "Chore Wars"."

Seriously?? What the what!!??!?

Don't be fooled! Don't be lulled into indifference! It's a big world and they can't hide it from you!

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