Dam Update : #IMworthIT

This is the front page of The Dam's most recent newsletter which introduces you to our latest inititiative in our Meadowvale programs; the "I'm Worth It!" Campaign.

Expect to see alot of #IMworthIT on social media between now and the end of the school year as we turn the tide of the effects of violence and abuse and see real healing happening in community!!

GET INVOLVED! The Dam is looking for some corporate sponsorship to help us carry out this campaign in the very best way possible. Feel free to contact me or send people my direction... ken@thedam.org or ken@truerebel.ca

Also a HUGE THANKS AND SHOUT OUT to Brittney, Adriana, Theoren and Akai who took part in our #IMworthIT photo shoot. A video is coming soon which you will certainly be able to see right here on truerebel.ca

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