Vid of the Week : Mushy Finds His Voice

This week's vid comes from a British program, Education Yorkshire via a link from Upworthy.

We desperately need teachers who won't allow educating our youth be confined in a box. Creativity has the power to release us into freedom when we are not expected to fit into the narrow categories and systems that we usually are smushed into.

A number of years I had the priviledge of speaking at the graduation ceremony for Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School. It was one of my favourite speaking gigs because it was an alternative high school program. Most of the students had dropped out or been kicked out at one time or another and had thought that perhaps high school graduation would never come. That is what made that graduation so much more of a celebration than most. Besides that, the way the students spoke about the teachers was oozing with gratitude and a closeness of relationship. Our youth need teachers who care enough to try new things and keep believing that each teenager can succeed! Those were always emotional ceremonies... as is this clip of a student who found his voice!! Perhaps you will be as touched by it as I was.


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