Song of the Week : Outernational - For It All Now

My friends in Outernational just put a new video up on YouTube today. Naturally, it is the song of the week for True Rebel. Check it out.

Outernational has always been a band with purpose. The intent is to use the medium of music to give voice to the desire and cry that something better is possible. They want a revolution that is based on equality of access to resources for all people. It is a levelling of the power structure globally... and they want to more than just dream about it.

The thing that immediately caught me about this song was the understanding that to commit yourself to change it is not so much being prepared to 'fight' but to 'be fought'. This song is filled with lyrics that paint the reality of a revolutionary. They must be willing to put their very lives on the line. This song says nothing about being willing to kill, but speaks to being willing to die, with your head held high. When your weapon is music, it is not a physical fight. The power of revolution is "THE PEOPLE UNITED". But those 'invested' in things staying the same will not fight back with only music. Fire hoses, dogs, imprisonment, execution... all these are methods that have been used to silence the non-violent revolutionary.

What do you believe in? Do you have the strength to stand up for it? Do you have the strength to stand when everyone is saying sit? There will be a cost to wanting see a new way of living replace the worldwide poverty, slavery and oppression of today. Are you willing to pay it?

This is part of the reality of a True Rebel. Can you love when all around you there is fear and violence? Will we be willing to not compromise until we have it ALL. All areas of life, every corner of the earth, filled with love, dignity and respect for all people? It's not just a dream, it is something that we stand up and take hold. It is something real when it becomes real in you!

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