The True Rebel Prayer

It can be a good thing to have a creed of some kind. Some mantra or words to calm you and help you find your centre. Like the Serenity Prayer at AA meetings, I need something like this. There are times when I get off-balance. I start to get overly cynical or jaded, angry and judgemental. Sometimes you feel like you are trying to put good out into the world and all you get back is a big F.U. I must admit that I am not perfect, and despite my philosophy to respond in a loving way, at moments I just want to scream F.U. back (and sometimes do, when I'm venting in safe places to safe people).

But I can't scream F.U. back. When I'm trying to help people understand the benefit in treating all people with respect and they respond with disrespect, that is the exact moment when I need to WALK THE TALK. If I disrespect them back, fear wins. Usually, I can respond well, with love and grace. Sometimes though, I get worn down and it gets harder and harder and harder to respond in a way that recognizes the other as a human, worthy of respect and kindness and dignity.

For that reason I am going to attempt to create the True Rebel Prayer. A few verses for those of us who need something to ground us in moments when we are getting wobbly.


The True Rebel Prayer

Today, I choose Love.

I choose to treat all people with dignity and respect.

I choose to live in ways that advance compassion and social justice.

I choose to participate in the creation of community where there is room for all at the centre.

Today, I choose to combat fear.

I choose to stand against oppression.

I choose to speak truth, as I understand it, against the lies of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, culture-ism and religion-ism.

Today, I pray for the courage and wisdom to do these things well.

I pray that I will not lose hope and I will not lose faith.

I pray that joy and peace will mark my thoughts, words and actions.

Today, I choose Love.





(For those whom the words "I pray" are too difficult or don't make sense, feel free to replace them. Suggestion one: Repace "I prayer for" with "I will find" for the first one and the following two you can just remove the "I pray that". Suggestion two: "Help me to find" in place of "I pray for" in the first, "Help me to" instead of "I pray that I will" for the second, and "Help joy and peace mark" instead of "I pray that joy and peace will mark" for the third.)

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