Rebel: A Poem

This fall at theDam | Meadwovale we started a writing group at the request of the youth. We were happy to oblige and facilitate the opportunity to tap into creativity (and all the positive stuff that goes along with that... and there is plenty).

I thought I'd share a piece that I wrote because of the Dam Poets Society (youths' choice!) about rebellion and how it's considered such a bad thing to defy authority, but, when it comes down to it, the choice to build inclusive community (even Globally) based on love for all, flies in the face of the 'norm' and 'authority'. Feel free to try to read it out loud, that's how it had it's real effect. Enjoy!








From this date, let us recreate.

Why encourage us to vacate what we can celebrate?

The courage to deviate!

We get irate with the refusal to participate in the current state.

Assimilate! And assassinate the desire to orchestrate or premeditate.

We won't accommodate that which might precipitate...




It's not meant  to exacerbate or to exasperate but to facilitate and to create.

To deflate hate and inflate the great!

But in order to eliminate and obliterate we tend to interrogate and incarcerate.

And where we cannot litigate we are sure to medicate

To deactivate the desire to cooperate.

We propagate to enunciate and manipulate

To eradicate and vaccinate any push to emancipate.

Even infiltrate and fabricate because truth will only defibrillate that we wish to annihilate.


Pontificate and calculate how we might desegregate.

Demonstrate how to amalgamate.

Illuminate the means to liberate.

And we will  jubilate when we vindicate the freedom to deviate.


Allow me to extrapolate that we need to anticipate that they will not appreciate that which seeks to stimilate

Their goal is to domesticate and make the wild beast hibernate.

Make our effort to procreate seem like wasted ejaculate.


Exterminate those who collaborate.

Do not reciprocate the work to coordinate.

Only articulate that which will complicate.

Inundate why we must segregate.

Do not validate those who agitate.

Do not compensate or capitulate to those who accentuate the ability to reincarnate.

We have a mandate to halt those who accelerate and accentuate the ability to interrelate.

Images that encapsulate how it will decimate.

Fixate on an empty plate and make the compassionate evaporate

Instability as we fluctuate.


Just accumulate.

Consume from the corporate who we allow to impersonate.

Leading us all to stagnate.


We overrate what's out-of-date and don't bother to re-evaluate.

And we validate as they dictate their need to fumigate and incinerate the dehumanized with whom we can cocreate.

They legislate and regulate to abnegate that which might permeate and levitate.

Do not just spectate while they defecate.

Don't dissociate and pretend that you only hallucinate that meant to humiliate.


Advocate that this is not our fate. The day is not yet too late.

It may aggravate but we must migrate to the immaculate.

Inaugurate the inordinate, open the floodgate to the compassionate.

Do not underestimate and understate that when we mediate and illustrate

When it circulates and the passionate resonate

We will activate and detonate something that will not dissipate.

But will eradicate the inadequate

And decimate that which dilates our ability to relate.

Vindicate those who deviate.

Those with courage to incarnate.




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