Clip of the Day: The Great Debaters "The Time for Justice"

This scene from The Great Debaters  is one of the most inspirational and emotional I have ever seen. I think the words from this clip have all kinds of ramifications for the current state of the world, particularly on Western economics.

Too many Western governments are over-emphasizing the economy to the detriment of more important issues of justice and equity like environmental issues and poverty.

The time for justice and equality is ALWAYS RIGHT NOW!

The time for us to institute a base minimum income for families is RIGHT NOW!

The time for us to set and work towards new goals to protect and rejuvenate our environment is RIGHT NOW!

The time to monitor imported foods and goods to ensure that we are not participating in the perpetuation of slavery, child labour, forced labour, environmental degradation and the creation of poverty is RIGHT NOW!

The time to end child poverty is RIGHT NOW!

The time to put the need of the young female half a world away who has no access to education above the need of the corporation is RIGHT NOW!

Martin Luther King Jr. said that the most pressing question that we need to ask ourselves if we wish to be people of character is "What are you doing for others?" I believe this needs to be the most pressing question of our societies as well. Are we caring for the poor? Are we helping to make a place of home and safety for those who generally get pushed to the margins? This is the questions that we must ask of ourselves AND it is the question we must ask and DEMAND of our leaders. Ask these questions when deciding what type of leadership you would like in your country, province and municipality. Ask yourself "Who genuinely cares for the poor and is going to do whatever they can to end poverty and increase equity?" Conversely, who seems to always be saying, "Now is not the time." 

"The time for justice, the time for freedom, and the time for equality is ALWAYS RIGHT NOW!"

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