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I've been following the tweet of The Huffington Post for a short while now.  It's overwhelming the amount of blogs that they churn out.  Daily there is a good combination of both the humourous and the informative.  I hope to make it a regular practice to post "Interesting and Entertaining Tidbits" that include some of the recent stuff that has made me either laugh or stop to think on this amazing resource we have called the world wide web.

- To start on a holiday note, here are the top 11 gifts not to get your children.  Kackle Dackle... seriously?

- Sometimes you just need to give credit to these Youtube video creator's.  How much time did this montage of movies from 2010 take?  Fantastic work.
And excellent use of "Letters from the sky" by Civil Twilight - great track.
- Now for some of the interesting.  First, a case of a Berlin man, Timothy Ray Brown who appears to have been cured of Aids.
- Secondarily, a California drug-dealer got two months of better meals in prison by appealing to his need to honour the celebration of Festivus.  Classic.

- Humour and wisdom highlighted the most retweeted comments on twitter this year.  My favourite selections were;

posted by Justin -"Don’t focus on the one guy who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog s**t"

posted by Al-Qaeda -Just noticed Twitter keeps prompting me to "Add a location to your tweets". Not falling for that one.
posted by Drizzy Drake -We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us
- From another post came this retweet -  posted by BP Public Relations - Catastrophe is a strong word, let's all agree to call it a whoopsie daisy.  (if you don't get the reference, google "BP oil spill")

- Of course Antoine Dodson and Double Rainbow made the top 10 youtube videos of the year, but so did this incredible piece by the always video savy OK GO.
If you like that also check out Here It Goes Again and the other This Too Shall Pass.
- On a more serious note.  Crazy sexism still existing in the world.  We maybe expect this to be a problem abroad.  A video out of Sudan of a woman being flogged has brought this to the surface again lately (I read the story but didn't watch the video - no thanks!).  However, Huffington has also listed 21 big western companies who have absolutely no women on their management team.  What the what??  We have a long way to go still.
- Finally, to leave on a Christmas note;  It's an oldie but maybe you haven't seen the 1998 video of this real life "Glee" group.  The video re-emerged a few years back and propelled the group Straight No Chaser to stardom with three album releases in the past 3 years. (no women on their team either... hrmmm... we'll give them a pass anyway.)
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