Students For Justice Clothing

I want to boost an initiative that I think is Truly Rebellious.

Students for Justice Clothing call themselves; A youth movement for social change.

Straight from their website you can read the following about who they are

Students For Justice Clothing is a community of students and adults who feel passionate about our world and are committed to demonstrating that youth have a voice and can lead a global transformation. We care deeply about poverty, injustice and the environment and believe we have a responsibility to take care of this planet.

We have our very own screen printing company where students take the lead through designing clothing to get our message out, printing the shirts, and promoting through conferences and concerts. This also gives students a way to develop their gifts and learn on-the-job training and get paid. Even better, we ensure that all our merchandise is sweatshop free, so with us you can be certain that the clothes youre wearing were manufactured by workers who were paid fairly. So check it out!

Sounds totally awesome right?  This flows nicely from my recent blog about how we use our purchasing habits to fight injustices (LIKE SLAVERY) in the world.  Students for Justice Clothing works together a couple of the key components that this blog LOVES; Student leadership (youth in action!) and social justice!!  And if you have any other questions the website spells things out for us a little more fully;

Why and how did you start SFJC?
SFJC originated from a youth group in Mississauga, Ontario. We wanted to have an outlet for students to use their creativity in a positive way, to raise awareness of global issues and to have a voice. We were inspired by Shane Claibourne and Urban Promise, who had students printing their t-shirts.

How are students involved?
From designing to printing, promoting to website production, photography to training other students... we are involved in nearly every aspect of SFJC!

What does "Sweatshop Free" mean?
When a product is sweatshop-free, it means that the facility in which the product was fabricated provides safe work conditions, doesn't use child labour and pays a fair wage to its workers. Buying sweatshop-free supports ethical labour practices.

How can you be sure that everything is sweatshop free?
The companies we purchase our shirts from are American Apparel, Jerico and Gildan. We chose to work with these companies because we feel comfortable with their business practices with regards to fair trade and sweatshop labour. We at SFJC continue to research our suppliers to ensure we remain committed to our mission as a company. If you wish to learn more about any of our suppliers, please visit their website or contact us.

Are you a non-profit organization/Where does the money go?
At this point, Students for Justice is not a non-profit organization. We'd like to be able to cover our bills, pay our students, and overall, keep SFJC in existence as a business. However, we do have a fund where a percentage of our profits go, and we are planning to assemble a committee of students to decide how we want to release that money into the community. Additionally - once our website gains more traffic - we are planning to post a poll on our site so that you can have a say in where this money should go!

How can I get involved?
If you're in the area and would like to volunteer with printing, we would love for you to contact us. For high school students, this can be a valuable volunteer opportunity for your Community Service hours needed for graduation! Other than that, we would really appreciate your support by wearing our merchandise, putting up one of our banners on your website/myspace/blog (you can find our banners on this page), or even just telling your friends about us.

Okay, I am not just randomly boosting a company that I found on the web.  I also happen to know the guy behind this initiative and know his passion and commitment first hand!  Not only that, but after speaking about beinb a True Rebel to the group of youth out of which Students for Justice Clothing was born, one of the youth artists created this shirt;

  LOVE, DIGNITY, RESPECT... that's my kind of shirt.

This group is also interested in your designs if you are a youth artist with a passion for social justice!  Check out the REBEL WITH LOVE shirt... I have to get myself one of those!

These are exactly the types of initiatives which capture the spirit of being a TRUE REBEL!

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