Spotlight: Playing for Change - Music Around The World

Thanks to the Justice WIth A Crunch blog for putting me on to this video. This song was created by each individual or group laying down their track individually from around the world.  They never met one another but their talents were brought together to create this brilliant piece of music with outstanding musicianship and powerful vocals.

The "Music Around The World" album came out in 2009 with this track and many others.  Each song chosen for it's positive message and the sales going to support and raise awareness of an organization called "Playing For Change".  They are committed to providing music and arts education for kids in the developing world.  You can support the schools financially OR (and I love this) you can donate an instrument to be made or repaired which benefits both the schools and a local craftsmen/artisan in one of these countries. This is a great initiative which embodies the spirit of "True Rebel" in a couple different ways.  First, by dignifying the children through education and respecting the local craftsmen and their trade.  Secondly, by using music to continue to spread a message of unity the breaks through the barriers of racism, nationalism and much more!  Music is an incredible tool and at it's best it stirs the heart of the one who will hear it to desire something more than what we currently see (war, racism, sexism, division, greed etc.) 

The 2009 release was not only a CD but also an award winning documentary, "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music".  Here is another video from that release.  A cover of the Bob Marley song (Marley is their most utilized artist) War/No More Trouble;

I love Marley's lyrics which suggest that war exists in every place where people are not treated as equals.  Where there are 'second-class' citizens, there is war.  Where there is not DIGNITY, RESPECT and LOVE for all, there is war. And when the vision of Playing for Change bridges the divide between nations and continents through these videos and songs they intensify the reality that something great is possible.

Tomorrow, May 31, 2011, the second volume of this project is being released.  The vision lives on as Playing For Change continues to provide music and art programs in Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Mali and Ghana.  I will leave you with one last video, another Marley cover, just released last week by Playing For Change, from the new project. Enjoy and get involved!

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