About True Rebel

The True Rebel challenge is simple enough; one makes the courageous choice to attempt to treat all people, everyone who they come into contact with, with Love, Dignity and Respect. I say it is simple, but in truth, it will be the most difficult thing you ever try to do.

You might argue that this is not ‘rebellious’. Teen rebellion is usually defined by certain behaviours; often starting with being late for curfew, getting in trouble at school or skipping class. When I ask a group of pre-teens “What do teenagers do?” I will often get responses like, “Smoke” or “Get Drunk” or “Do Drugs”… the stereotypes of teenaged rebellion. There is actually some merit to this. Stats are available to show the percentages of high school students engaging in these activities. These were some of the very behaviours at the centre of my own rebellion during my teenaged years. But, here lies the point; these statistics show just how COMMON it is for a young person to rebel in this way. It is, in fact, not rebellion at all… just following the RULES of the YOUTH CULTURE.

A true rebel is defined as one who has COURAGE; courage to break rules… many of us are happy to admit that we have this one covered. “I break my parent’s rules; I break my school’s rules…” But, there is a second component to being a true rebel. One must have COURAGE to break rules, but a True Rebel also has WISDOM; wisdom to know which rules to break. While many fit the bill for COURAGE, very few tap into the WISDOM they possess to make choices that have an IMPACT; they are capable of changing our Youth Culture and our entire culture as a result. It is a much more frightening proposition for a teen to defy the rules and norms of their peers and friends, than those of their ‘authorities’. It takes incredible courage for a youth to act in a way dramatically unlike the examples they see all around them. It takes amazing wisdom to specifically target our distinct actions towards treating others with love, dignity and respect.

I look forward to having youth (and others) interact with this blog. It will features my thoughts, profiles of true rebels, reviews of books, movies, music, some video blog and hopefully submissions from youth who are taking seriously the call to be TRUE REBELS and are seeing the impact and effect of their choices. I hope you will comment and begin discussions. Every blog will be geared to awaken us to the True Rebel presence in our culture and in ourselves. Each one of us is capable of unlimited POSITIVE IMPACT. Fear seeks to keep us from exploring it, and from taking the True Rebel Challenge, but I believe that if enough youth commit to becoming TRUE REBELS, our schools, homes and communities can be significantly transformed. Help me prove it.

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