Music Vs. Food

Here is a fun scenario that I like to propose.  Hoping to get some responses and see what you think... I have gotten very strong opinions both ways, but remember, it's just for fun.

Scenario 1. What would you choose.

Option A: All the variety in music that you would ever want BUT you can only choose one meal that you have to eat forever.

Option B: All the variety in food that you would ever want BUT you can only choose one song that you can listen to or sing forever.

So what do you choose?  A) Variety in music   B) Variety in Food

Scenario 2 changes things up a little bit, not sure if this would change anyone's answers.

Option A is still variety in music but you get to choose a full day's worth of menu.  3 meals, 3 snacks that you will get every day forever.  Breakfast at breakfast, same snack at 10am every day, same lunch everyday etc.

Option B is still variety in food but you get to pick a 24 hour playlist.  Same song everyday at 10:00am, or 11:12pm, and so on.

So what do you choose?  A)Variety in music    B) Variety in Food

I go for option B on the

I go for option B on the first scenario and for the second scenario I go for option A. I'm not really into music though sometimes I listen to my favorite songs but I love to eat more than music..:) Anyway I'd like to share an article with you folks, which I found interesting. I read the article here:  Hawaii might already have Death with Dignity law

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