Nothing's Real But Love

Every once in a while I check out the pop charts. I listen to the songs and read the lyrics to see what might I will include in a playlist for our drop-in programs. I like to have all genres playing at The Dam, but I am very intentional about the content of those songs. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised, there were a bunch of songs that had decent lyrical content and weren't just about hooking up or getting messed up.

This song rose way above the others though. I know I'm way behind the curve when it comes to pop music. I don't watch American Idol or X-Factor and I had never heard of Rebecca Ferguson before. This song hits all the right spots for me. Her voice is amazing, clearly, and resonates with the soulful depth that grips me. But the lyrics put it over the top. This song isn't about love, not romance. The video nicely focuses on the faces of people. If love is going to fill us up, we need to fill our lives up with the people around us. That's what keeps us strong when "this world's not always good." Love "builds you up"... beautiful stuff!

"No money, no house, no car can beat love!"


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