Song of the Week: Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio

Vid of the Week: Brene Brown - Empathy

Vid of the Week: Connor and the WWE

Sometimes our hearts are broken and yet grow at the same time.

Vid of the Week: Brene Brown & Vulnerability

I saw this video yesterday for the first time and my response was, "YES!" This is a great summary of what I have also discovered over the past decade of working at The Dam. It is also part of the recipe for becoming a True Rebel! SO GOOD!!

This is My Story. This is My Fight.

My first semester term of school towards my MSW (Master of Social Work) is complete. For my class on Diversity, Marginalization and Oppression (great class!) we had to do something for a 'participation' mark. I challenged myself to do a spoken word piece, something I've never done before. I performed it last night and it went. I wanted to share the text of it here.

This is my story. This is my fight.  by: Ken Dryfhout

14 years old.

Picked up by another John.

Meme of the Day: DO SOMETHING


Thanks to Maureen for putting me on to this meme. In her words, "Be encouraged! Do something!"

Vid of the Week: Kid President's Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here

I know this is for babies... but I need it for me...

Vid of the Week: Lupita Nyong'o

You may have seen or heard about Lupita winning an Oscar this past Sunday and her great speech. What you may not have seen or heard about yet is her earlier speech when honoured by Black Women in Hollywood for Best Breakthrough Performance of 2013. Check it out!!

Top Films of 2013

In preparation for the Oscars, presents, my 2nd Annual Top Films Blog!

I will countdown my personal top 10 with a little blurb about each. Remember this is not an objective attempt at "the best films of 2012" as much as a subjective list of my favourite films of the year. But I do have pretty darn good taste in movies. I will then list the 5 that just missed the cut, my 5 choices for family films, my top 5 superhero movies of the year and my picks for some of the top Academy Award categories.

Vid of the Week: Ellen Page

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