Casey Heynes... Hero?

A very recent viral sensation is a video of Australian Casey Heynes.  Bullied for much of his life, Casey is caught on film finally retaliating to one of his tormentors.

I'm Glad I Got My Butt Kicked

Until that moment I had never felt good after losing a fight.

I used to have a bad temper.  As a kid it was easy for older kids to antagonize and instigate me until I flew off the handle.  This led to many fights and violent outbursts.  The majority of my fighting took place between Grade 5 and Grade 10.  It is one of the things about my childhood that I am most embarrassed about.

My Little Sister - The True Rebel

I loved being a big brother.  Sure, I did some of the regular teasing that older brothers do, but for the most part, I always cared very deeply for my little sister.  I felt responsible for her, even as a 4 year old when she was just a baby, I would worry about her getting hurt and something happening to her.  Later, I cared about who she would become, what kind of choices she would make… I was certain that she was going to be someone GREAT!

A Path Worth Limping Up

My Dad spent most of his Grade 8 year in the hospital.  For a good chunk of that time his leg was in traction.  The two bones in his lower right leg were growing at different rates and this was causing a lot of problems.  To this day you can see the result of having a tibia which grew slower than the fibula.  It had a particularly negative effect on my Dad’s hip which he has had replaced twice.

The Pain of Change Vs. The Pain of Staying The Same

It has been said that in most circumstances people don’t change unless they feel that the pain of staying the same has become greater than the pain of change.

I thought about this again after seeing 127 Hours, which just came out on Blu-ray and DVD yesterday.   The movie is based on a true story about Aron Ralston, played by James Franco, who finds himself in dire circumstances in the middle of nowhere on one of his many hiking, exploring and mountain climbing expeditions. 

Everyone Loves To Hate... Justin Bieber

I don’t know much about Justin Bieber.  My kids like the song “Never Say Never” with Jaden Smith, mostly because of the Karate Kid movie… that is about the extent of my Beiber knowledge.  What I do know has very little to do with Bieber himself.  I know that as much as some people love him, there is a whole other group that loves to hate him even more.  When I see teenaged (and even 20-something young men) posting Facebook statuses about Bieber and how much they hate him, or that they want him dead… I know that currently there is nothing b

What We Can Learn From The Egyptian Revolution of 2011

Let's not pass over what has happened, and is happening in Egypt too quickly.  The Egyptian Revolution has been a defining moment in our history.  There is too much for us to be inspired by here, to keep this revolution going!  Egypt has given me even more hope for our future.  We need to tap into the passion of the Egyptian protests so that we can become part of a movement for change ourselves.

The Best Music of 2010 - Side B

If you missed Side A and the inspiration for this playlist check out the earlier blog here.


1. Paper Tongues - Trinity

The Best Music of 2010 - Side A

I've been making mixed tapes since I was a little kid.  Music has always been very important to me.  I used to wait for the song I wanted on AM radio and try to press record at the exact right moment.  I learned it from my Dad. On Saturday nights he would make a tape from the "Golden Oldies" radio program we listened to each week.

Video Blog: How Do You Talk To Your Friends?

This is a very common piece that I use to interact with students when I speak at various schools.  I spent a lot of time wondering why as friends, we tend to use so much sarcasm and so many insults.

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