Our Grade 8 Students Can Change Everything!

“Do you think it is possible?” I asked slowly, “that four years from now, when you are in grade 12, I might be sitting in this classroom with a new group of grade 8 students and they will be telling me things like; “I can’t wait to go to grade 9!  Have you been over to the high school?  Have you seen how great it is?  The way they treat one another!  All the amazing things to do!  Getting to high school is going to be awesome, because we’ll get to be part of all the great stuff that is happening there!”

Missing the Friend I Wish I Had

In about an hour I will be leaving to go to an old friend's funeral.  By old friend I mean that we used to be friends.  At the beginning of Grade 10 in particular, he was one of my best friends.  Half way through Grade 10 I switched schools and we mostly lost touch from there.

Martin Luther King Jr. - A TRUE REBEL

It all started with Rosa Parks.  When Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus (the black section), there was no turning back.  Rosa was arrested on December 1, 1955 and 4 days later Martin was elected the head of a new protest group.  King helped to organize a bus boycott which would ask all black citizens to not use the bus system in Montgomery, Alabama until they were desegregated, no longer having a white section and a black section.  “Our concern” says Martin’s autobiography “would not be to put the bus company out

January 11 Resolution

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. “ – Barack Obama

So, it’s January 11.  The eleventh day of 2011.  If you are in the habit of making a New Year’s Resolution, I’m wondering if you have broken yours yet. And, if so, having you given up on it? Those are very different questions.  You can break a resolution without giving up on it, or you can break it and give up entirely and wait for the next countdown to a new life.

Rock Prophets Remind Me of Christmas: Tom Morello's Tribute to The Clash

2 days ago, December 22nd, was the anniversary of Joe Strummer's death.  Joe was the lead singer of a revolutionary band named The Clash.

The Surprising, Humorous, Curious and Fun

I've been following the tweet of The Huffington Post for a short while now.  It's overwhelming the amount of blogs that they churn out.  Daily there is a good combination of both the humourous and the informative.  I hope to make it a regular practice to post "Interesting and Entertaining Tidbits" that include some of the recent stuff that has made me either laugh or stop to think on this amazing resource we have called the world wide web.

Glee addresses the issue of bullying... sort of.


Okay, I admit it, I watch Glee.  I’m not even quite sure why.  As a youth worker I suppose I at least have the excuse that I need to watch what the youth are watching.  I think, at some level, this show is trying to follow in the steps of shows like Degrassi (only 20 years later) in dealing with real issues; teen pregnancy, bullying, self-esteem, disability concerns, etc.

High School Revolution

Boredom or Apathy?

That is the main question posed by the Montreal-based movie The Trotsky which I am so glad I watched last night.  In this film, directed by up-and-coming Montreal-born, Jacob Tierney, this question is being asked by the youth about themselves.  Why are so many of us so passive rather than getting involved in creating a better community, better high school, better world?  If we think high school sucks, then why don’t we do something about it?

I hope you can teach a Sneetch

Quite a while back I bought a collection of Dr. Seuss stories.  In re-reading some and reading others for the first time I was impressed with many of the messages to be found within.  Often Seuss was trying to encourage kids to be true rebels and make choices toward the possibility of a better future.

One of my very favourite is, The Sneetches;

True Rebel Profile: Dmitri Zouev - Community Peace Builder

There is a new, very different, Russian Revolution happening just a short walk from my house.

“Now Ken, I don’t want a big thing to be made about this.  I just like to do what I am doing, and treat youth the way they ought to be treated.”  It’s when Dmitri makes those types of comments that I want to make an even bigger deal about this very cool hidden treasure right in my own neighbourhood. 

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