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... and if you do stop and inquire... the answer is YES!!!!!

Vid of the Week: I'm Worth It!

Thanks to the amazing youth who helped to make this vid with us!

True Rebel - Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Earlier this year I was asked to lead a Diversity and Inclusion workshop for my friends at Speak Up For Change. I of course said yes and now it is available on YouTube.

So if ya got 90 minutes to spare, feel free to check it out.

Song of the Week : Outernational - For It All Now

My friends in Outernational just put a new video up on YouTube today. Naturally, it is the song of the week for True Rebel. Check it out.

Vid of the Week : Mushy Finds His Voice

This week's vid comes from a British program, Education Yorkshire via a link from Upworthy.

Dam Update : #IMworthIT

This is the front page of The Dam's most recent newsletter which introduces you to our latest inititiative in our Meadowvale programs; the "I'm Worth It!" Campaign.

Link of the Week : TIME Magazine Covers

The Link of the Week comes from Truth Theory ( It is a comparison of the cover of TIME magazine internationally vs. North America. Here is the LINK.

Here are a few examples;

Blog Format Change

Hello friends.

I need to apologize for my inconsistent blog updates as of late.

I have decided to change up the format of my content a bit. It won't be drastic but will help me to update this page more regularly and perhaps help it be a bit more interactive as well.

The Ugliness of Beauty

Every day I seem to run across more and more stuff that exposes the ongoing oppression of women in our culture. This oppression often goes unrecognized, and even when it is recognized it is often ignored or justified or explained away.

The ongoing challenge presented by this blog is to treat all people at all times with love, dignity and respect. A huge part of this challenge is beginning to recognize all the ways that this has not been the case. This is true both personally and corporately.. we don't love well.

Jane Elliot: Lessons in Discrimination

Jane Elliot repeated this experiment many many times in an attempt to help those who were unfamiliar with discrimination and prejudice, experience it, if only for a moment... It helps us understand it in a whole new way.

I've seen a number of Jane Elliot's videos more than once, but it is powerful every time.

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