My Friend Henry

It was a pretty normal night hanging out at 'The Curb' as it was known in Heart Lake. The parking lot area behind Canadian Tire in the Heart Lake Town Centre was home to the skateboard culture of Heart Lake throughout my years of high school during the warmer months. It was affectionately known as "The Curb" because of the long curb that we spent time waxing, the skaters spent time grinding and the onlookers spent time sitting on.

To This Day Project

This video by Shane Koyczan is not new but I just saw it for the first time due to a Facebook link. Give it a watch.

Coldest Night of the Year : Be a Part of Building Community

The Coldest Night of the Year is an annual walk that started in 2011 in support of the homeless, hungry and hurting. Now in it's third year, this walk generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations across Canada who are on the frontlines of working with those who are pushed to the margins of our communities.

Dr. Martin Luther King's Challenge to President Obama

One of my amazing sisters sent me the following clip. She knows me well because I was drawn right into the powerful and passionate words of a man I admire greatly, Dr. Cornell West. In the clip he talks about why it angers him that President Obama had plans to (and since has) swear his presidential oath at his inauguration on the Bible of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which was this past Monday (and should be a holiday North of the border as well to honour this great man). Take a look.

New Dam Promo Video

Top Films of 2012

Mostly for fun I've decided to do a list of the best films of 2012 according to me. Feel free to comment or provide your own list in the comments section. I will provide a small explanation for each. My only disclaimer will be that I, of course, have not seen every film of 2012 (although I have seen a lot). It is possible that Daniel-Day Lewis is so good in Lincoln that everything would change on my list... but I wouldn't know, because I haven't seen it yet.

The Real Santa Claus

I was directed to another blog by a good friend about the real St. Nicholas (you can view it in its entirety here). Some Coles notes; "He used his entire inheritance to help the poor, sick, and children in need... Nicholas saved young women from slavery, protected sailors, spared innocents from execution, provided grain in a famine and rescued a kidnapped boy."

Spread The Love... It's Contagious

'Nuff said

Russell Brand and Westboro Baptist Church

Tell Your Story

I hear so many sad stories.

Stories of abuse. Stories of heartbreaking loss. Stories of people who have, in one way or another, experienced hurt.

Sometimes I think that is what eventually connects us all; our pain.

However, in the telling, each sad story becomes a story of possibility.

When I share my pain I am declaring, "I will not believe the lie that I am alone."

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