What I Learned in Nunavut

I just had the tremendous privilege and opportunity to send a few days in Iqaluit, Nunavut during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I received an invite from a friend to join him to contribute and speak at a conference named "Next Generation". We didn't really know what to anticipate until the event actually began.

Get Up, Stand Up

I whipped up my first 'lyrics' video so that I could share this song from Public Enemy's latest release, Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp, the song is called, "Get Up, Stand Up".

Give Nothing and Expect Everything!

Over the last number of weeks a meme has circulated over social media. It is a clip quoting a principal, John Tapene, who is sharing words from a judge who, according to the article 'regularly deals with youth'.

These clip and quote has received, from my experience, mainly positive reviews. Generally it seems that people read these words and react with some variation of "Yeah youth! Stop whining and do something!"

Feel Inside

Such a hilarious video from Flight of the Conchords. They go to 'get in touch' with kids so they can write a song to help raise money for "Cure Kids!", a charity for sick children in New Zealand.

Having worked for a charity for the past 9 years, I wish that all people had to do was "Feel Inside" to decide that helping others was a GREAT use of their money!

Top 100 Films

Time for something just fun!

I love movies! I always have. Here is a list of my top 100 favourite films. Remember, this is just personal taste and opinion. You are likely to hate some of my selections (as I would on your list). Not all of these movies are what I would call "True Rebel Movies" with a specific message of love and dignity for all people; but many are.

The Imagination of Empathy

A 14 year old boy working as a transvestite prostitute on the streets of Toronto.


As a 12 year old I had already formed an idea of what being a ‘man’ was all about. These assumptions were based on a very ‘outward’ appearance of a man. A real man had to;

Not My Proudest Moment

In some ways it was just an ordinary high school day, but the moment is still clear in my mind. I don’t think it was the event itself or it’s details that make it linger with me to this day, but rather the conflict that was going on inside. Simultaneously I was feeling both regret and satisfaction. I felt sorry for him, but at the same time, I was glad to be one of his tormentors.

Question Authority!

The national anthem came on and the kids obediently stood and turned to the flag. These grade 7 & 8 students had just filed into the room for the assembly and had, by all accounts, done so without much fanfare or disruption. They stood now, some singing quietly along to the words, others still in the groggy stupor of first period. Apparently more was expected though as one adult, teacher or administrator (I’m not sure which), began to bark commands. “I can’t hear you,” she called.

Bright Idea!

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