True Rebel Challenge at TEDx Mississauga

11 Year Old Rebel - My niece Rachel

Last year I posted a blog, Kids Say the Most Revolutionary Things, about my 9 year old nieces speech about slavery in the chocolate industry (you can find it here). Well, my niece is at it again, educating kids from Kindergarten through Grade 5 about things that we usually ignore.

Graffiti Art Program

Just wanted to show off the great work that our youth, staff and volunteers did at The Dam last month. In collaboration with the Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund we were able to run a graffiti art program and our youth came up with some amazing pieces of art that will soon be hanging on the walls of our Meadowvale space.


It can be very refreshing to stumble upon a story of someone who is really living out a crazy type of rebellion. This was certainly the case for me when I had the chance to read about Fatemah Golmakani, who immigrated to London, England from Iran 18 years ago. I want to stress that this is a CRAZY STORY! It’s not cute, or sweet and does not belong as some side column buried on the back pages. This is the type of radical love that SHAKES THE FOUNDATIONS and PULLS UP THE ROOTS of the selfishness which typically consumes our every day choices and decisions.

My Beastie Boys Mixed Tape

Last Friday, May 4, Adam Yauch lost his three year battle with cancer. Many people have been hit hard by his passing since Adam is affectionately known as MCA and has been part of the group known as the Beastie Boys since starting the group along with Michael Diamond (Mike D) as a hardcore punk band back in 1979 when he was 15 years old. In 1982 Adam Horowitz (Ad-Rock) joined the band and from 1984-86 the group transitioned from punk to a rap group with three MCs.

Is Anybody Out There?

Yesterday I had the great privilege to speak at a TEDx event in Mississauga. If you have never heard of TED they are committed to Ideas Worth Spreading and provide videos of people speaking on an insane amount of different topics.

Here in Mississauga our theme for the day was REBEL which provided a perfect opportunity to deliver the True Rebel Challenge to the 400 (or so) youth in attendance; Love, Dignity and Respect for every person.

Just Dance!

I had a big crush on Elizabeth Shue when I was a kid. In 1987 Adventures in Babysitting came out and it started with Shue, playing Chris Parker, singing and dancing in her bedroom. That was enough for me. There is something about getting a glimpse of someone (even a character in a movie) having fun when nobody is supposed to be watching. There is a vulnerability and genuine joy about those moments. I don't think we let other people see us being silly enough.

Youth Get Creative to Fight Bullying

The 'Day of Pink' was earlier this week. The day alerts people to the ongoing reality of bullying in our schools and communities. In honour of that day I wanted to link you to these music videos; they were made by high school students as a stand against bullying.

Don't Become The Walking Dead

The show The Walking Dead is getting a lot of acclaim for its first two seasons, the second of which just concluded. Adapted from a graphic novel, this TV show follows the lives of characters trying to survive in a world that has been taken over by “walkers”, more commonly known as zombies.

99 Problems But What They Think Ain't One

I think it is important for us to hear perspectives that we don’t normally get a chance to hear; perspectives far different than our own, coming from a much different place. That is why I took the opportunity to read Jay-Z’s book Decoded when a youth who I meet with regularly offered to lend it to me.

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