Nothing's Real But Love

Speaking for Love Equals Suspension for Three Students

I was introduced to these three stories today; three stories that can be very disheartening. Each one speaks to the difficultly of being a True Rebel voice as a young student.

Inspired by Basketball History X

I love movies! When I was a kid, going to the movie theatre was like an adventure! I still have vivid memory of my first couple visits and watching E.T. and Annie on the big screen. It was amazing!

Don't Blame the Cup

“Youth are socially inept.”

“The youth aren’t cutting it.”

“Our youth feel so entitled; they’re always saying, ‘What’s in it for me?’”

Yesterday I went to a forum discussing youth employment. The employment rate for people 16 years old through their 20s is way down. This forum wanted to ask the question why?

Sad St. Valentine Irony

Most of the story of St. Valentine is legend. While likely not having much historical merit, it is not surprising that lore rose up to connect St. Valentine to romantic notions that accompany February 14. There are actually multiple martyrs from the early church with the name Valentine and what is fact and what is fiction was blurred long ago.

True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part Three

The final instalment of the very best True Rebel Music of 2011. For my fellow music lovers out there I hope you have enjoyed diving into these blogs as much as I have enjoyed the process of creating them.


True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part Two

Here is the second group of 7 songs that made the cut for the very best True Rebel songs of 2011.


True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part One

Last year I presented a Side A and Side B of the best truerebel music of 2010 (based on criteria you can check out here). This year I will split the True Rebel Songs of 2011 into three parts as it was just too much for people to take in with a simple Side A and Side B. There will be 21 songs on the list so they will nicely fit into three 7 song blogs. They are not in order 1-21, but meant to be a good playlist for an 80 minute CD.

Youth Mentors - True Rebels

Our youth mentors at The Dam are an incredible group of people. I am so blessed to be able to work with them every week, they inspire me with their compassion, empathy and living out Mother Teresa's words, "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only love." It is a group of true rebels who are motivated by love!

From Rebellion to Revolution

Last night I had a dream about The Hunger Games. Not surprising really, since I just devoured the first two books of the Suzanne Collins trilogy. I found myself unable to put them down and have heard similar reports from others.

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