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A Message To Grade 8 Grads

Question Authority!

The national anthem came on and the kids obediently stood and turned to the flag. These grade 7 & 8 students had just filed into the room for the assembly and had, by all accounts, done so without much fanfare or disruption. They stood now, some singing quietly along to the words, others still in the groggy stupor of first period. Apparently more was expected though as one adult, teacher or administrator (I’m not sure which), began to bark commands. “I can’t hear you,” she called.

Relationships and Power Balance

A friend of mine wanted advice about his relationship. His girlfriend and he had a number of issues that had caused an on again/off again type of scenario over a number of years. At this moment they were broken up, she had broken his trust and he was wondering if he should give her another chance.

High School Revolution

Boredom or Apathy?

That is the main question posed by the Montreal-based movie The Trotsky which I am so glad I watched last night.  In this film, directed by up-and-coming Montreal-born, Jacob Tierney, this question is being asked by the youth about themselves.  Why are so many of us so passive rather than getting involved in creating a better community, better high school, better world?  If we think high school sucks, then why don’t we do something about it?

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