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This is My Story. This is My Fight.

My first semester term of school towards my MSW (Master of Social Work) is complete. For my class on Diversity, Marginalization and Oppression (great class!) we had to do something for a 'participation' mark. I challenged myself to do a spoken word piece, something I've never done before. I performed it last night and it went. I wanted to share the text of it here.

This is my story. This is my fight.  by: Ken Dryfhout

14 years old.

Picked up by another John.

True Rebel - Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Earlier this year I was asked to lead a Diversity and Inclusion workshop for my friends at Speak Up For Change. I of course said yes and now it is available on YouTube.

So if ya got 90 minutes to spare, feel free to check it out.

White People Suck!

Catchy title I know! Being of European descent myself, it might sound strange, but these were the exact words that came to my head after a brief online interaction that I just had.

My Dad was born in Holland, as were my 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents and so on... In Holland Santa Claus is called Sinterklaas and comes door to door on the evening of December 5th with gifts. Sinterklaas does not come alone. He is preceded by a servant named Zwarte Piet, which translated is “Black Peter”.

There's No Time for Pity, I've Got Too Much to Learn

I can’t see 3D pictures.  You know what I’m talking about?  Those pictures that just look like a design, but if you look ‘beyond’ the picture (or whatever) and you can see another image.  Well... I can’t see the other image; I never have been able to.

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