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To This Day Project

This video by Shane Koyczan is not new but I just saw it for the first time due to a Facebook link. Give it a watch.

Not My Proudest Moment

In some ways it was just an ordinary high school day, but the moment is still clear in my mind. I don’t think it was the event itself or it’s details that make it linger with me to this day, but rather the conflict that was going on inside. Simultaneously I was feeling both regret and satisfaction. I felt sorry for him, but at the same time, I was glad to be one of his tormentors.

Is Anybody Out There?

Yesterday I had the great privilege to speak at a TEDx event in Mississauga. If you have never heard of TED they are committed to Ideas Worth Spreading and provide videos of people speaking on an insane amount of different topics.

Here in Mississauga our theme for the day was REBEL which provided a perfect opportunity to deliver the True Rebel Challenge to the 400 (or so) youth in attendance; Love, Dignity and Respect for every person.

From Rebellion to Revolution

Last night I had a dream about The Hunger Games. Not surprising really, since I just devoured the first two books of the Suzanne Collins trilogy. I found myself unable to put them down and have heard similar reports from others.

Billy is Scared of Suzie!

Suzie gets picked up from school, she is 10 years old, she expresses frustration to her mom that Billy has been picking on her and today he pulled her pigtails. Suzie’s mom smiles and explains to Suzie that Billy might have a crush on her. Suzie’s mom isn’t worried. This is normal and the smile on her face is a signifier that we have long accepted this twisted reality. Suzie’s education is beginning, “Boys are stupid!” she might respond. The more accurate response however would be, “Boys are scared!”

Honour Yourself

Last night I found out that a youth I’ve known for a while is one half Aboriginal Canadian.  His mother is from the Mi’kmaq First Nation people. I told him how cool I thought that was, but he was quick to joke, “But, I don’t huff gas or anything.” I knew he was ‘joking’ but I looked at him very seriously and said, “I never would have thought you did. That would never have crossed my mind. I want you to know that I honour the First People of Canada.” I wanted him to hear that...

Casey Heynes... Hero?

A very recent viral sensation is a video of Australian Casey Heynes.  Bullied for much of his life, Casey is caught on film finally retaliating to one of his tormentors.

Glee addresses the issue of bullying... sort of.


Okay, I admit it, I watch Glee.  I’m not even quite sure why.  As a youth worker I suppose I at least have the excuse that I need to watch what the youth are watching.  I think, at some level, this show is trying to follow in the steps of shows like Degrassi (only 20 years later) in dealing with real issues; teen pregnancy, bullying, self-esteem, disability concerns, etc.

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