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The Ugliness of Beauty

Every day I seem to run across more and more stuff that exposes the ongoing oppression of women in our culture. This oppression often goes unrecognized, and even when it is recognized it is often ignored or justified or explained away.

The ongoing challenge presented by this blog is to treat all people at all times with love, dignity and respect. A huge part of this challenge is beginning to recognize all the ways that this has not been the case. This is true both personally and corporately.. we don't love well.

What Happened to Scrooge in January?

Scrooge is perhaps the most classic of Christmas tales. A man, obsessed by greed and selfishness experiences a moment of transformation. It is a tale that sparks the hope that change is possible. Greed and selfishness are like a disease that twist bitterness in a person’s spirit and create desperate loneliness and tear the heart apart. However, there is hope for something different. Generosity and love can take hold and free a person from the chains of greed.

I Love You Man

One of the greatest things I get to do with The Dam is meet with youth one on one. When I am mentoring a youth I try to meet with them once a week for about an hour. It can take time for a teen to become comfortable with the arrangement.  I’m pretty used to getting stood up, particularly at the beginning, I think because many of us have some fear of getting close to someone and being vulnerable and honest, and mentoring at its best draws that out.

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