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Dr. Martin Luther King's Challenge to President Obama

One of my amazing sisters sent me the following clip. She knows me well because I was drawn right into the powerful and passionate words of a man I admire greatly, Dr. Cornell West. In the clip he talks about why it angers him that President Obama had plans to (and since has) swear his presidential oath at his inauguration on the Bible of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which was this past Monday (and should be a holiday North of the border as well to honour this great man). Take a look.

From Rebellion to Revolution

Last night I had a dream about The Hunger Games. Not surprising really, since I just devoured the first two books of the Suzanne Collins trilogy. I found myself unable to put them down and have heard similar reports from others.

Occupy Toronto!

Here is a simple and succinct look at why, across the wealthy world, people are taking to the streets to demand change. There is not always a clear goal, but one theme that unites those who have chosen to occupy cities in their countries to demand change; something better is possible.

Ken's Street Journey: Brad and Scott

4 summers ago I decided to hitchhike out to Vancouver without the benefit of very much money.  No hostels or motels.  Perhaps the explanation for why will be a future blog. I journalled like mad during the journey and would post snippets in a group that I created for the occasion on Facebook, you can find that here

Thought today I would share one of those journal entries from when I was in Regina for a little entertainment.


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