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Coldest Night of the Year : Be a Part of Building Community

The Coldest Night of the Year is an annual walk that started in 2011 in support of the homeless, hungry and hurting. Now in it's third year, this walk generates hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations across Canada who are on the frontlines of working with those who are pushed to the margins of our communities.

Friendship Changes You

I stumbled across this piece of art today that was put together inspired by Mumford and Sons song, After the Storm.

Whenever we get an opportunity to see as brave and living and human, those who are regularly dehumanized, let's take it!

Glee addresses the issue of bullying... sort of.


Okay, I admit it, I watch Glee.  I’m not even quite sure why.  As a youth worker I suppose I at least have the excuse that I need to watch what the youth are watching.  I think, at some level, this show is trying to follow in the steps of shows like Degrassi (only 20 years later) in dealing with real issues; teen pregnancy, bullying, self-esteem, disability concerns, etc.

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