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Vid of the Week: One Dude With the Right Attitude!

Stay with the video and watch what happens...

Just Dance!

I had a big crush on Elizabeth Shue when I was a kid. In 1987 Adventures in Babysitting came out and it started with Shue, playing Chris Parker, singing and dancing in her bedroom. That was enough for me. There is something about getting a glimpse of someone (even a character in a movie) having fun when nobody is supposed to be watching. There is a vulnerability and genuine joy about those moments. I don't think we let other people see us being silly enough.

The Surprising, Humorous, Curious and Fun

I've been following the tweet of The Huffington Post for a short while now.  It's overwhelming the amount of blogs that they churn out.  Daily there is a good combination of both the humourous and the informative.  I hope to make it a regular practice to post "Interesting and Entertaining Tidbits" that include some of the recent stuff that has made me either laugh or stop to think on this amazing resource we have called the world wide web.

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