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Don't Blame the Cup

“Youth are socially inept.”

“The youth aren’t cutting it.”

“Our youth feel so entitled; they’re always saying, ‘What’s in it for me?’”

Yesterday I went to a forum discussing youth employment. The employment rate for people 16 years old through their 20s is way down. This forum wanted to ask the question why?

The Gift of Intimacy

Tonight we are having a Christmas party at our Meadowvale drop-in. This will be my ninth Youth Christmas Party in Meadowvale and I love them all. I have many memories of youth erecting amazing gingerbread houses, playing games, singing karaoke, competing in Christmas trivia or Christmas twister. For all the fun and laughter and the great Christmas dinners and dramas, one memory always stands out for me above the rest.

Billy is Scared of Suzie!

Suzie gets picked up from school, she is 10 years old, she expresses frustration to her mom that Billy has been picking on her and today he pulled her pigtails. Suzie’s mom smiles and explains to Suzie that Billy might have a crush on her. Suzie’s mom isn’t worried. This is normal and the smile on her face is a signifier that we have long accepted this twisted reality. Suzie’s education is beginning, “Boys are stupid!” she might respond. The more accurate response however would be, “Boys are scared!”

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