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I didn't even notice, to be honest. I watched as the name were read and did what many of us do; "Oh, so-and-so wasn't nominated. That's a surprise." or "Wow! I didn't expect them to get a nomination." I was hoping to see Michael Keaton get a nomination, which he did, and see Book of Life get an animation nomination, which it didn't. It wasn't until the hours that followed that I was made aware of the issue. No actors of colour were nominated in any of the acting categories.

Jane Elliot: Lessons in Discrimination

Jane Elliot repeated this experiment many many times in an attempt to help those who were unfamiliar with discrimination and prejudice, experience it, if only for a moment... It helps us understand it in a whole new way.

I've seen a number of Jane Elliot's videos more than once, but it is powerful every time.


As a 12 year old I had already formed an idea of what being a ‘man’ was all about. These assumptions were based on a very ‘outward’ appearance of a man. A real man had to;

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