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Top 25 Favourite Films

I'm sick... And I haven't blogged in a long time. So I thought I'd pass some time by making a brand new Top 25 Favourite Films list.

Those who know me know this is a diffcult task, I'd rather make a top 200 and not leave any films I love... this was actually gut-wrenching.

I had some rules; I couldn't look at previous lists, I couldn't include a triology or series as one slot (single films only). 

Trailer of the Week - Gimme Shelter

If the movie is as good as the trailer this is going to be GOOD!

Top Films of 2012

Mostly for fun I've decided to do a list of the best films of 2012 according to me. Feel free to comment or provide your own list in the comments section. I will provide a small explanation for each. My only disclaimer will be that I, of course, have not seen every film of 2012 (although I have seen a lot). It is possible that Daniel-Day Lewis is so good in Lincoln that everything would change on my list... but I wouldn't know, because I haven't seen it yet.

Top 100 Films

Time for something just fun!

I love movies! I always have. Here is a list of my top 100 favourite films. Remember, this is just personal taste and opinion. You are likely to hate some of my selections (as I would on your list). Not all of these movies are what I would call "True Rebel Movies" with a specific message of love and dignity for all people; but many are.

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