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Because I Got High

We came back inside after getting high together and sat across from each other at the table. Everything was hilarious; we laughed way more than we should have. We kept meeting eyes and laughing all the more... but there was more to the look; we were sharing something together... nobody else at that moment was sharing what we were sharing.

My Friend Henry

It was a pretty normal night hanging out at 'The Curb' as it was known in Heart Lake. The parking lot area behind Canadian Tire in the Heart Lake Town Centre was home to the skateboard culture of Heart Lake throughout my years of high school during the warmer months. It was affectionately known as "The Curb" because of the long curb that we spent time waxing, the skaters spent time grinding and the onlookers spent time sitting on.

Inspired by Basketball History X

I love movies! When I was a kid, going to the movie theatre was like an adventure! I still have vivid memory of my first couple visits and watching E.T. and Annie on the big screen. It was amazing!

Sad St. Valentine Irony

Most of the story of St. Valentine is legend. While likely not having much historical merit, it is not surprising that lore rose up to connect St. Valentine to romantic notions that accompany February 14. There are actually multiple martyrs from the early church with the name Valentine and what is fact and what is fiction was blurred long ago.

No Regrets for A Good Friend

From Bronnie Ware come these top 5 things that people regret about their lives in their last moments. Working in palliative care for many years these are the things she would hear most often expressed at the end of someone's journey. (You can find the full blog here)

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard

Hold Fast

One of the first questions I often get asked after talking to a group of youth is, “What does it say on your knuckles?” From time to time I have dismayed having my knuckles tattooed; simply for the fact that instead of something profound, instead of some deep personal question that perhaps my talk has ignited in someone’s heart, I am getting asked, yet again, what is written on my fingers. Despite my disappointment that I have not ignited a passionate discourse I slip off my wedding ring and present my fists for inspection. “Hold fast?...

Video Blog: How Do You Talk To Your Friends?

This is a very common piece that I use to interact with students when I speak at various schools.  I spent a lot of time wondering why as friends, we tend to use so much sarcasm and so many insults.

Missing the Friend I Wish I Had

In about an hour I will be leaving to go to an old friend's funeral.  By old friend I mean that we used to be friends.  At the beginning of Grade 10 in particular, he was one of my best friends.  Half way through Grade 10 I switched schools and we mostly lost touch from there.

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