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This Boy Totally Derails Our Ideas of 'Discipline'

I remember seeing 'boot camp' episodes of daytime talk shows back in the day. I always hated them. But I love this 38 seconds, even if it makes my eyes fill with tears...

Vid of the Week: Connor and the WWE

Sometimes our hearts are broken and yet grow at the same time.

Vid of the Week: Kid President's Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here

I know this is for babies... but I need it for me...

Vid of the Week: Ellen Page

Meme of the Day

... and if you do stop and inquire... the answer is YES!!!!!

Trayvon Martin: The Latest Victim

It is impossible to get away from the a discussion of race when discussing Trayvon Martin's death and the circumstances surrounding him being shot by George Zimmerman.

I have been cautious to respond hastily to the 'not guilty' verdict recently awarded to Zimmerman. This is a very polarizing case and I wanted to think deeply before actually deciding what I want to say in this moment.

I Will Never Be Disappointed In You

The Dam recently published a newsletter for Spring 2013 focusing specifically on mentoring. I was asked to write a piece for the cover which I thought I would share here as well.

Hope you enjoy!


Boston Bombing : How Will We Respond?

My mind went directly to my friend Lee and her family who I knew were in Boston so that Lee could participate in the Marathon. Lee had been an important mentor to me when I was a teen, one of the adults who treated me with respect and like an equal... that's so important.

When I finally had an opportunity to text, I first went to Facebook and saw what I was looking for; at the top of my news feed was a post from Israel, Lee's daughter, informing everyone that they were all okay.

Russell Brand and Westboro Baptist Church

Tell Your Story

I hear so many sad stories.

Stories of abuse. Stories of heartbreaking loss. Stories of people who have, in one way or another, experienced hurt.

Sometimes I think that is what eventually connects us all; our pain.

However, in the telling, each sad story becomes a story of possibility.

When I share my pain I am declaring, "I will not believe the lie that I am alone."

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