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Is Anybody Out There?

Yesterday I had the great privilege to speak at a TEDx event in Mississauga. If you have never heard of TED they are committed to Ideas Worth Spreading and provide videos of people speaking on an insane amount of different topics.

Here in Mississauga our theme for the day was REBEL which provided a perfect opportunity to deliver the True Rebel Challenge to the 400 (or so) youth in attendance; Love, Dignity and Respect for every person.

Our Grade 8 Students Can Change Everything!

“Do you think it is possible?” I asked slowly, “that four years from now, when you are in grade 12, I might be sitting in this classroom with a new group of grade 8 students and they will be telling me things like; “I can’t wait to go to grade 9!  Have you been over to the high school?  Have you seen how great it is?  The way they treat one another!  All the amazing things to do!  Getting to high school is going to be awesome, because we’ll get to be part of all the great stuff that is happening there!”

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