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Something Different is Possible

Recently I was speaking at a Gr. 9 retreat, an event geared towards giving them an enthusiastic and positive start to their high school experience. I did the 20 dollar bill exercise with them (which you can find here) and commented, “We, as a society, have done a better job of recognizing the value of money than we have at recognizing the value of the people around us.” Much to my surprise one young man in the group reacted immediately with a loud, “So?!” that could be heard throughout the room.

My Little Sister - The True Rebel

I loved being a big brother.  Sure, I did some of the regular teasing that older brothers do, but for the most part, I always cared very deeply for my little sister.  I felt responsible for her, even as a 4 year old when she was just a baby, I would worry about her getting hurt and something happening to her.  Later, I cared about who she would become, what kind of choices she would make… I was certain that she was going to be someone GREAT!

Our Grade 8 Students Can Change Everything!

“Do you think it is possible?” I asked slowly, “that four years from now, when you are in grade 12, I might be sitting in this classroom with a new group of grade 8 students and they will be telling me things like; “I can’t wait to go to grade 9!  Have you been over to the high school?  Have you seen how great it is?  The way they treat one another!  All the amazing things to do!  Getting to high school is going to be awesome, because we’ll get to be part of all the great stuff that is happening there!”

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