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Because I Got High

We came back inside after getting high together and sat across from each other at the table. Everything was hilarious; we laughed way more than we should have. We kept meeting eyes and laughing all the more... but there was more to the look; we were sharing something together... nobody else at that moment was sharing what we were sharing.

Dare to Journey Through the Painful Places

We sat around the drop-in sharing stories and laughter, remembering the life of a young man who had brought smiles to the faces of his friends countless times. At the same time there was a weight in the room, a sorrow that is unavoidable when a life comes to a close at such a young age. For some reason though, it felt like no one wanted to acknowledge it. There were tears, but it was like grief and sorrow were being ignored; pretending that we were shutting the door to them, when they were already in the room. “He would hate us being sad,” someone shared... and perhaps...

Our Grade 8 Students Can Change Everything!

“Do you think it is possible?” I asked slowly, “that four years from now, when you are in grade 12, I might be sitting in this classroom with a new group of grade 8 students and they will be telling me things like; “I can’t wait to go to grade 9!  Have you been over to the high school?  Have you seen how great it is?  The way they treat one another!  All the amazing things to do!  Getting to high school is going to be awesome, because we’ll get to be part of all the great stuff that is happening there!”

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