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A Convesation with Leo Mintek

My friend, Leo Mintek, guitarist from the band Outernational was kind enough to do an interview with me about the connection between music and social activism. I thought what better day that an election day to post something political.

I won't write much because Leo does a much better job than I could. I just want us to open our hearts and minds up to POSSIBILITY. Can we allow ourselves to HOPE than something better is possible.

Song of the Week : Outernational - For It All Now

My friends in Outernational just put a new video up on YouTube today. Naturally, it is the song of the week for True Rebel. Check it out.

True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part Three

The final instalment of the very best True Rebel Music of 2011. For my fellow music lovers out there I hope you have enjoyed diving into these blogs as much as I have enjoyed the process of creating them.


True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part Two

Here is the second group of 7 songs that made the cut for the very best True Rebel songs of 2011.


True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part One

Last year I presented a Side A and Side B of the best truerebel music of 2010 (based on criteria you can check out here). This year I will split the True Rebel Songs of 2011 into three parts as it was just too much for people to take in with a simple Side A and Side B. There will be 21 songs on the list so they will nicely fit into three 7 song blogs. They are not in order 1-21, but meant to be a good playlist for an 80 minute CD.

Spotlight: Playing for Change - Music Around The World

Lauryn Hill - I Find It Hard To Say (Rebel)

The Best Music of 2010 - Side B

If you missed Side A and the inspiration for this playlist check out the earlier blog here.


1. Paper Tongues - Trinity

The Best Music of 2010 - Side A

I've been making mixed tapes since I was a little kid.  Music has always been very important to me.  I used to wait for the song I wanted on AM radio and try to press record at the exact right moment.  I learned it from my Dad. On Saturday nights he would make a tape from the "Golden Oldies" radio program we listened to each week.

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