Against Me!

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True Rebel Music of 2011 - Part Two

Here is the second group of 7 songs that made the cut for the very best True Rebel songs of 2011.


Because of the Shame

I've had the song "Because of the Shame" by Against Me! in my head over the weekend. Particularly because it really connects with the last couple blog posts.

The chorus goes;

Because of the shame I associate with vulnerability
I am numbing myself completely.
Can you hear me right now?

The Best Music of 2010 - Side A

I've been making mixed tapes since I was a little kid.  Music has always been very important to me.  I used to wait for the song I wanted on AM radio and try to press record at the exact right moment.  I learned it from my Dad. On Saturday nights he would make a tape from the "Golden Oldies" radio program we listened to each week.

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