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Tell Your Story

I hear so many sad stories.

Stories of abuse. Stories of heartbreaking loss. Stories of people who have, in one way or another, experienced hurt.

Sometimes I think that is what eventually connects us all; our pain.

However, in the telling, each sad story becomes a story of possibility.

When I share my pain I am declaring, "I will not believe the lie that I am alone."

Dare to Journey Through the Painful Places

We sat around the drop-in sharing stories and laughter, remembering the life of a young man who had brought smiles to the faces of his friends countless times. At the same time there was a weight in the room, a sorrow that is unavoidable when a life comes to a close at such a young age. For some reason though, it felt like no one wanted to acknowledge it. There were tears, but it was like grief and sorrow were being ignored; pretending that we were shutting the door to them, when they were already in the room. “He would hate us being sad,” someone shared... and perhaps...

The Pain of Change Vs. The Pain of Staying The Same

It has been said that in most circumstances people don’t change unless they feel that the pain of staying the same has become greater than the pain of change.

I thought about this again after seeing 127 Hours, which just came out on Blu-ray and DVD yesterday.   The movie is based on a true story about Aron Ralston, played by James Franco, who finds himself in dire circumstances in the middle of nowhere on one of his many hiking, exploring and mountain climbing expeditions. 

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