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Vid of the Week: One Dude With the Right Attitude!

Stay with the video and watch what happens...

My Little Sister - The True Rebel

I loved being a big brother.  Sure, I did some of the regular teasing that older brothers do, but for the most part, I always cared very deeply for my little sister.  I felt responsible for her, even as a 4 year old when she was just a baby, I would worry about her getting hurt and something happening to her.  Later, I cared about who she would become, what kind of choices she would make… I was certain that she was going to be someone GREAT!

A Path Worth Limping Up

My Dad spent most of his Grade 8 year in the hospital.  For a good chunk of that time his leg was in traction.  The two bones in his lower right leg were growing at different rates and this was causing a lot of problems.  To this day you can see the result of having a tibia which grew slower than the fibula.  It had a particularly negative effect on my Dad’s hip which he has had replaced twice.

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